Why Choose mbits

Why choose MBITS? We can think of at least 6 good reasons. These are summarised in the values we operate our business around. They are not just words. They are what we believe strongly in. They are the difference between our competitors and us. They are the things that allow us to build quality relationships and deliver great service.

Six reasons which differentiate mbits

Service Energy – Service Energy sums up the reason we do what we do. Understanding we are in a service business. That we affect not only the success of businesses but the quality of people’s lives. It’s making every encounter matter. Instilling confidence. Creating optimism. Empowering decisions. It’s working with enthusiasm, intensity and energy. Being able to engage and transfer this services energy into our clients’ business workplace.

Trust – Its always acting in the best interests of our clients. Trust is being honest, open and transparent. Telling it like it is. And having the strength and self-belief to do so. It’s managing expectations. Delivering on promises. Standing behind our decisions. Being committed to building long-term relationships. It’s the stability of personnel. Our history of performance. Consistently driving great outcomes. It’s the confidence our clients have in our expertise. It’s caring about our reputation and working hard to build it.

Interest - Being genuinely interested means caring about the people and businesses we work for and the markets they work in. It’s immersing ourselves in our clients’ business. Truly understanding our clients. Taking the time to listen, learn and discover. Asking the right questions so we can provide the right answers. It’s looking beyond the transaction. Knowing our business is about the success of others.

Commitment - Determination to Succeed - Commitment is our determination to deliver positive outcomes for our clients. It’s being there for them long after the order. It’s taking a long-term view. It’s our drive to be the best. Working hard to continuously improve each day. It’s our passion for the industry and seeking to set new standards in quality and service. It’s being tenacious and focused. Aggressively pursuing success for our clients, and ourselves.

Expertise – using our experience and intelligence to create opportunity. It’s specialist knowledge and experience in managed services. Understanding our clients’ businesses and the people in the business. Knowing what drives their success. It’s having the right people with talent and insight. It’s investing in the continual development of our people and our collective knowledge and skills. It’s having the confidence to challenge the expected and apply fresh thinking to find new solutions. It’s taking a leadership position in the industry. Sharing our expertise.

Services Portfolio – Its about the investment we have made in R&D and testing and evaluation of technologies and applying this to the challenges we see in our clients’ business. It’s about developing unique solutions and services which take the best available offerings and through integration with others making them collectively better. It’s about being different and approaching development in a non-traditional way to deliver something new and innovative. It’s about a breadth and quality of solutions and services which enable us to punch way above our weight and deliver our clients real outcomes. At MBITS it’s not what we do that’s different. It’s the way we do it. And we do everything with commitment, quality and care.