Hosted and Managed Video Conferencing

While the cost savings associated with virtual meetings may still be measured in hours saved and reduced travel costs, the next generation of video conferencing user is looking beyond efficient utilization of expensive video conferencing installations and returns on annual licensing fees.  Cloud Hosted and Managed Video as a Service provides an opportunity for agencies to take the worry out of purchasing and managing expensive often underutilized Video Conferencing systems… providing immersive telepresence opportunities for agencies on a pay-as-you–go basis.

In addition, users are not bound by location.  MBITS presents options for clients requiring High Definition Group Video Conferencing capability to connect from a:

  • PC (Desktop, Tablet or Laptop) using Windows or MAC,
  • Mobile device (Android or iOS), or
  • Legacy ISDN or IP device.

MBITS Cloud Hosted Managed Video as a Service:

  • Is easy to deploy.
  • Is hosted on an easy to use Web based interface – with single click access.
  • Is reservation-less – not requiring a booking to have a Group Video Conference.
  • Is secure – hosted in Australia using 128-bit AES.
  • Presents Value for money – only pay what you use.
  • Scalable – add as many participants as you wish.
  • Global – participate from anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available.
  • Mobile – just need an internet connection (Wireless supporting 3G, 4G or WiFi connections).
  • Is a consumption based service - with no lock-in or upfront capital outlay.
  • Presents High Definition quality – up to 1080p.
  • Has a low bandwidth requirement.
  • Use existing Hardware – cameras and microphones.
  • Has low latency (10 times faster than traditional video conferencing) and error resiliency.
  • Provides Australian Help Desk support operators.
  • Is not interrupted by advertisements during group video calls.

MBITS Cloud Hosted Managed Video as a Service is hosted on Vidyo® architecture, delivering low latency, high definition video conferencing over general data networks and the Internet.