MBITS – Managed Business IT Solutions

mbits (managed business IT solutions)

We are a wholly Australian owned and operated business specialising in delivery of solutions and services to Federal, State & Local Government, Public Sector Utilities and corporate clients. The company commenced operations in March 2007.

An open field for your organisation

mbits creates an open field for our customers to securely store, manage and access their information. In taking up a managed service, the customer maintains control and strategic direction of their ICT with mbits providing the expertise, technology and environment to implement, deliver and manage it.

What is the mbits brand - what do we stand for?

The MBITS brand is about solutions & services that deliver value. We believe there is a lot of value in what we do. And we believe in doing it well. At MBITS, it's not what we do that's different. It's the way we do it. And we do everything with commitment, quality and care.