mbits network operations centre

mbits network operations centre

Network infrastructure is a strategic asset and network performance is a critically important element in any organisation today.

When the network goes down, organisations incur a signficant cost in lost productivity, and possibly direct commercial loss.

This cost and risk increases exponentially as organisations become more reliant on ICT and the network undepinning it for day to day business operations.

The mbits Network Operations Centre (NOC) is a key operational element supporting the portfolio of mbits managed ICT services. The NOC's prime purpose is to ensure the stability, availability and ongoing performance of the mbits network infrastructure, which our managed services customers rely upon.

The mbits NOC delivers:

  • network monitoring and management with realtime notification and instantaneous response to developing issues and required remediation.
  • reduced risk through automated software distribution, security patching and routine administrative tasks so crucial in maintaining a robust high performance network infrastructure.
  • the basis upon which a stable reliable and robust network infrastructure is maintained in support our customers business operations
  • the platform upon which informed decisions can be made regarding System, LAN, WAN capacity management, business continuity services and strategic IT planning.

The NOC is tightly integrated with the mbits Service Desk and features state of the art technology, process, security, infrastructure, application monitoring and management.

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